What is Keralase Hair Restoration?

KeraLase Hair Restoration is a brand new procedure that uses the KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution in conjunction with the LaseMD non-ablative laser to deliver growth factors in the right concentrations, with the appropriate bioavailability profile to achieve dramatic improvement in hair health.

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The Keralase Procedure

The Keralase Hair Restoration procedure uses our non-ablative LaseMd thulium laser to create micro-channels with a 1927nm wavelength, which has been show to create 5 times higher absorption of nano-liposomes* increasing the delivery of the nano liposomes found in the KeraFactor Serum.

Using the LaseMD and scalp stimulating solution together allows for the delivery of key growth factors and proteins into the scalp that promote significant improvement in scalp health and vascularization – leading to hair revitalization.

Since the micro channels created are to aid in solution penetration there are no aggressive settings or numbing cream necessary making this treatment comfortable and effective.