Have Beautiful Skin, You Deserve it!

The ResurFX™ fractional laser is a state-of-the-art, non-ablative, skin resurfacing technology. ResurFX™ fractional laser stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin.

Why Use ResurFX™ Treatment?

Stimulating new collagen production is the key to a plump and radiant, youthful complexion. ResurFX™ technology enables our providers to achieve excellent clinical results over a sequence of treatments while maintaining patient comfort and minimizing downtime.

  • Optimally tailored to address even the early signs of aging.
  • Noticeable results for fine lines, skin texture and overall skin appearance.
  • Minimal downtime to get back to your busy lifestyle

The Lumenis® ResurFX™ treatment is a fractional skin rejuvenation solution, enabling you remarkable results for younger, healthier, glowing looking skin. Our unique fractional rejuvenation technology, the ResurFX™ non-ablative skin resurfacing, allows for comfortable, fast, and effective treatment.